The 7 Steps I Took to Fix My Golf Putting Yips



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If you read my last post on my struggles with the yips for over a year, I just want to say that I was so tired of playing pretty well tee to green and then just blowing up all over the place on the green.

I just had to stop the golf putting yips!

It was not only frustrating and embarrassing, but it started affecting the rest of my game because I was getting to the point that I wasn’t enjoying the game and considered taking a few months off.
It was either do that or find the fix…. I did the latter.

Here is a summary of the TOP 7 steps that helped me find a fix for the Yips:

Admitted to myself that it isn’t going to fix itself.

Maybe I was a great putter before but those days have come and gone. It’s time to start over.

I had to be prepared to completely get away from everything I do now.

Any semblance of my current putting stroke will subconsciously put me right back into the hole I am in right now. Did I mention this is a mental game? Break it down, start fresh, perhaps put a new grip on my putter or better still, use a different putter for this process. I could always go back to my favorite putter later when I feel the fix worked. If I use a conventional putting grip or left-hand low, change it, do something absolutely different. I need for it to feel somewhat unorthodox for now.

Did I putt with my shoulders, or was I trying to steer the ball to the hole with my hands and wrists?

Figure out what it is that is keeping me from hitting a straight putt now, once I had that I was on my way.

I putt with a pendulum motion.

It felt like I had a circular rod on my back running through my shoulders. When I stroke the shot my left shoulder drops down on the rod on the backswing and then my right shoulder drops on the forward motion. I practiced this with my eyes closed until I could imagine that rod going through my shoulders.

Kept my left arm straight and practiced, practiced, practiced until I loved how it felt.

Putting looking at the hole to groove the feel of a smooth pendulum, I practiced this on half of my putts.

I really felt the shape of my stroke and it smoothed out until I had the smoothest putting stroke I have ever had.

Finally, I practiced often as putting is more than 40% of your shots in a round of golf.

I practiced from all distances but especially inside 4 feet because that is where the yips will try to creep back in.

Remember: Practice is like maintenance…the YIPS once defeated doesn’t mean they won’t come back again.

“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it” Thomas Fuller

I hope my personal steps can help you too. Good luck!

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