Larry’s Top 5 Golf Pace Play Tips

snail used as symbol for slow golf pace


Based on my personal experience playing with newer and seasoned golfers I have a few tips to share regarding pace in the game of golf.

My golf pace play tips:

Tip #1

  • Golf is a great social game and a great time to share stories and experiences with your buddies but don’t forget, there are probably faster golfers in the group behind you, stay focused on your pace and keep moving.

Tip #2

  • Be ready and prepared to hit your tee shot on every hole, play “ready golf” and it doesn’t matter who won the last hole, if you are the first one ready, tee it up and let it rip. The exception is if someone got a hole-in-one, an eagle or a birdie on the prior hole they would get the honor of teeing off first on the next hole.

Tip #3

  • Walk “directly to your ball” to hit your next shot, this is not the place to continue the story that started on the last tee, there are players behind you that want to keep a good pace in their round. If you are furthest from the green in your group then it’s your turn to hit. Determine your yardage and club selection, take a practice swing or two and hit your shot. Repeat this step until you reach the green. If you are struggling on a hole and you have taken 6 shots and still aren’t on the green pick up your ball and take an 8.

Tip #4

  • When on the green, focusing on your ball, get ready to line up your putt. If you are furthest away then you putt first so be ready as everyone is waiting for you. If you are nearest the hole then you would hit last and it would be your responsibility to pull out the flag as long as everyone is on the green.Line up your putt

Tip #5

  • When everyone has putted out and the flag is back in, walk quickly off the green, there is probably a group behind you waiting to hit onto the green. This is not the time to tally scores. Wait until you have cleared the green. Go to the next tee box and repeat point #2.

Remember an acceptable pace is about 4 hours which is about 13 minutes per hole.

Develop a great PACE and have FUN!!

If you have great pace related tips we would love to hear about them. Leave us a comment!

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