Improving My Putting


You sink your putts easily in miniature golfing!

Me too. I even do very well on the practice green when I work on improving my putting and I get all happy that I am sinking most of those putts, but, guess what?

improving my putting
Improving My Putting by Practicing

That’s right, I don’t always do as well on the golf course greens. Putting consistently can be very challenging. I think that for me it has to do with mindset. On the practice green, I am relaxed and not under pressure to have to sink the putts. I am by myself without feeling rushed or trying to impress my husband by showing him how good I am doing or competing with my golf buddies when we play as teams.

Once I get out on the golf course and get to the green to putt, my thoughts get in the way.


Is my putter going to work for me today? Will I read the green accurately? “This is a downhill putt, don’t hit it too hard” I hear someone say. Or, “this is an uphill putt and you have to hit it to get there”.

So what do I do on the downhill putt? I swing through too hard and it goes way past the hole. UGH! Seriously Carmen? Or if it’s an uphill putt I swing the putter too easy and it stops short of the hole. Talk about frustrating! My brain gets in the way.

During practice, I work to improve my putting stroke and I can putt well for several rounds of golf. However, I can go out the next day and ask myself, “What are you doing? The putting you were doing so well in the last round is not happening now!”  This is different from the knee knocking “yips”.

I am talking about feeling confident and lining up your putt and still missing the hole because you had too many thoughts swimming in your head. I am good at thinking about I want to make for dinner in the middle of lining up my putt.

How to improve my putting has been an ongoing journey for me as it is for many golfers.

As they say “drive for show putt for dough”, meaning if your putting is good you can expect to shoot low scores. Putting is very individual yet there are some techniques that can help regardless of how you hold your putter or the type of putter you use.

putting practice

Finding a routine that you can repeat is important. I currently use this routine:

  • Read my line to the hole focusing and visualizing the entry point of the ball into the hole.
  • I picture the ball going down that line and into the hole.
  • I stand behind the ball and take 1 or 2 practice swings just to get my tempo. In my mind, I am saying “tick-tock” as I swing my putter to help me keep my tempo.
  • I step up to the ball and lay the putter down and only think of rolling the ball to the hole.
  • I make sure not to force or make the club move in any direction other than towards my target.
  • Looking at a spot just in front of the ball I take a smooth swing back and through as I then watch as the ball goes towards the hole. .
  • The key for me is confidence. Not doubting I have my line.

Does this always work?

Not always but it helps minimize my 3 putt greens. I have days where I have great accuracy and other days when I don’t.  I know that lack of focus and confidence are my enemies during putting.

I have tried changing putters but always go back to my Nancy Lopez Ashley putter.  My putter has a nice light yet smooth feel to it. The ball comes off the putter face nicely. I have looked for another Ashley putter but have not found one because I wanted to have a backup. However, the Nancy Lopez Torri putter looks very similar and was created exclusively for women golfers.  If you click on the name or the picture below to see the putter details.


So unless I can putt without missing, like the scene from Caddyshack (haha) I will continue practicing and improve how I think about my putting.

Feel free to comment and share your putting woes or things that helped you improve your putting. There are many articles and books written to help the golfer putt better. We will share more of those as we research the best ones and any that have helped us.

golf putting stance


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