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Men’s Golf Shoe Review Written by a Woman

You might expect to read this review written by a man. However,  I happened to have purchased this golf shoe for myself (Carmen) after searching for the same shoe in the color and style I wanted but did not find it in a “ladies” golf shoe in that color or size. Thus why I ended up with this “men’s” golf shoe.

The only thing that made this a “man’s” golf shoe was the fact it was selling as a “man’s” golf shoe under the MEN tab. Therefore, I looked up the equivalent of my shoe size in a men’s size and purchased it.

adidas shoe size chart


I have to say that after using this golf shoe on several rounds I really like the shoe and thought I would share my thoughts on it. After all, us golfers always enjoy shopping for comfy, affordable golf shoes, don’t we? I thought you would agree, therefore, here is some information I hope helps you look at this golf shoe a bit closer.


Adidas Men’s adicross III Golf Shoe


$44.99 – 129.99 depending on size and color


I purchased this shoe for myself because I loved the style and the color. The prize was also a factor because golf shoes can be expensive and if you are going to be changing golf shoes often you do not want to pay super high prices as it can get very expensive. 

There are many great deals on golf shoes that you can take advantage of if you want to own several golf shoes to match your golf wardrobe. The way I look at it is, if you are having a bad round, at least look good when you do so.


Men, youth or ladies who don’t mind wearing a “man’s” golf shoe.  A similar product for the ladies is the Adidas Women’s Adicross IV Golf shoe if you find a color, size and price you prefer. As you can see the price is also very reasonable.



As I stated earlier, I did not find the color and size that I wanted in the ladies style. However, this shoe fits great and I am happy with the way it looks.

I like the fact that this golf shoe feels very light yet it works well on those heavy dew mornings. I have used other shoes with some mesh in them only to find my socks are wet after golfing in the mornings when we have heavy dew.

I really like the fact that it is a casual, spikeless shoe which lets you feel comfortable walking into clubhouse after golfing and not feel like you are wearing bulky golf shoes with spikes.  I do find them a bit narrower than usual but after wearing them a few times they did stretch out and feel super comfy. If you have a wider foot you might need to get a half size to a whole size bigger than you usually do.


  • Good traction
  • Fairly water resistant
  • Clean, fashionable look
  • Light and comfortable
  • Feels like you are wearing a sneaker


  • Run a bit tight/narrow making it necessary to consider a half to full size larger.
  • Not as much cushion as I would like but for a casual shoe I use every so often on the course it does the job.



Adicross III Golf shoe


  •  2 x 8 x 4 inches
  • 2 pounds


Various colors to select from, including Black/White; Gray/White, Tan Brown/White.

You might not find the color in your size as it is based on what is available at the time you order.


Prime members get FREE next day delivery, otherwise additional cost for One-Day shipping.

Not eligible for international shipping.


Standard shipping time frame based on shipping address and if you are a PRIME member or paid extra for One Day delivery.


Customer service on returns is quick and easy with pre-printed labels.  

Free returns on some sizes and colors. 

Make sure you read the Return Policy on the product page.


You might wonder what this has to do with the mental aspect of golf.  Wearing comfortable shoes makes a big difference because if your mind is on discomfort then you are not able to focus during your round. Have you ever gone out with a pair of shoes that caused blisters or were so uncomfortable that all you think about is getting home and taking them off?

I hope you found my review helpful. If you want an inexpensive golf shoe that looks like a sneaker and feels light then this is a great shoe, otherwise, while you are in the Amazon site you might decide that you prefer a different shoe. If so, let us know!

50% of customer reviews gave it 5 Stars; 24% gave it 4 Stars. Click here to read reviews.


 P.S. From time to time I recommend products and services I 110% believe in. If you click my link and buy I earn a commission. The products won’t cost any more because you click my links.



  1. Very nice review! I myself don’t golf frequently, but I do believe in comfort. It looks like these golf shoes provide exactly that. I find it odd that you had to go to men’s area to find them, but oh well; you found them haha



    • Actually the ladies had a similar one but not in the exact color I wanted. Most definitely comfortable! When my husband looks at golf shoes I happen to spot some that I think would be cool and if not found in a ladies version I would not hesitate to order a men’s version. As long as they are not too “manly” looking. haha. Thanks for your input.

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