Golf Gifts

Great Golf Gift Ideas

With so many holidays and special occasions, such as, retirement, birthdays, weddings, promotions, and more,  finding the right gift can be a challenge.

If you are shopping for a golfer, then we have some great golf gift ideas for you to help make that process an easier one.

Usually, when you think about shopping for a golfer you think of clubs or golf balls. Beyond that, unless you are familiar with the game of golf, you might not realize how many different things you can get a golfer as a gift.

However, while most golfers are happy to get any golf-related gift, not all golf gifts are useful or get put to much use. Many people end up with a bunch of golf coffee mugs, golf ties, golf markers, and gadgets.

You want to make sure that your golf gift will be put to use and not tucked into a closet of “unusable gifts” that get re-gifted over the years.

So what type of gift to get?Wondering about which gift

The type of golf gift you purchase can vary based on who the recipient is. Is the golfer a spouse, relative, or friend? Consider that person’s personality. For example: is he or she a fun, easy-going, casual golfer or a serious, hard-core golfer?

For example, I have a friend who is a blast on the golf course. She just loves to have fun and spend time with the ladies’ Sunday golf group. She is always smiling whether she golfs great or whether her game is not up to par (no pun intended).

She might enjoy getting gifts that match her personality, such as, a cute golf purse or novelty gift, such as, personalized golf balls in her favorite color or golfer pajama set.

Perhaps you have a golf buddy that is a serious, hard-core golfer. This person goes out very focused and enjoys their round only if they shoot under a certain score. Otherwise, they are not having a very enjoyable round.

That person might enjoy getting gifts, such as, a box of their favorite golf balls, a one year paid subscription to a golf magazine or a discount tee time book.

Regardless of who the gift is for, there are many options and varieties of items to choose from.

Golf items seem so expensive, so where do I find the best deals?


gift costAgreed that if you go to a regular Golf store you will find some of the items a bit pricey. As the gift bearer, you probably do not plan to pay the same price that the golfer would pay for themselves, understandably. Unless, of course, it is your spouse or family member and you do not mind paying the higher price.

While you always want to keep an eye on sales that happen at your local Pro Shop, there are many great deals throughout the internet and we will be sharing some of our favorites picks, as well as where you can find some of those items for a great price. 

24 hour internet shopping

Let’s look at some ideas:

    • Discount golf shoes
      • Golf shoes for women
      • Golf shoes for men
    • Unique golf gifts
      • Golf gift baskets
      • Personalized golf gifts
    • Novelty golf gifts

  • Golf videos
  • Golf gifts ideas for Dad
  • Golf bags
  • Golf gloves
    • Ladies golf gloves
    • Men’s golf gloves
  • Golf Magazines
    • For all
    • For men
    • For ladies
  • Golf Tee Times
    • Discount Tee sites
  • Custom Golf balls
  • Golf apparel
  • Golf grips
  • Golf GPS
    • GPS watch
  • Tees
    • Different sizes, colors, types
  • Golf Umbrella
  • Lessons with a Pro
  • Gift certificates

How do I decide with so many options?

What you purchase for a golfer friend or relative will depend on how well you know the person. Usually, equipment (golf clubs) is more of a personal purchase like perfume.

That does not mean that if your son/daughter or spouse is a golfer you can’t get them something like an Amazon gift card so that they can go online and buy the clubs they prefer. They might prefer to go to the local Pro shop or golf store and test a few clubs before purchasing.

Read our specific golf gift idea articles where we will expand on some of the ideas above along with reviews, pricing, and some of the places you can order from. As we add information we will provide links from this page to those in order to help you get to that article easily.