Fun Golf Games

Playing golf with friends

Fun Golf Games

It is very easy to find fun golf games free online to use when golfing with your spouse and/or with friends. Not only will I share some of those here but I will also provide some links to other sites that provide additional tips and information.

After working all week I look forward to my time off when  I can get out to golf. When I do, I want to relax and enjoy my round because I play my best when I am not over-analyzing all my shots. I have found that playing golf games on the course has some of the following benefits for me:

  1. Helps me mentally focus on a specific goal.
    • For 3 holes you focus on winning those holes with the person you are partnered up with.
    • You get a chance to refocus and try again 3 more times! You get four chances at being part of a winning team.
    • If you are playing a game, such as garbage you are focused on accumulating as many points as possible.
  2. Takes my mind off every single shot having to be perfect.
    • Depending on what game your play there are times when your partner has guaranteed a win for that hole which takes the pressure off your next shot.
    • Playing with a partner helps you relax knowing it takes both of you to win, not just you.
    • If you are playing best ball, the pressure is off making a perfect shot every time.
  3. Gives me a chance to excel at the stronger parts of my game. (IE: putting, chipping, driving)
    • There you stand, ready to putt. This hole is won only if you sink that putt. Your putting that day is awesome. Ker-Plunk! You sink it for the win!
    • Your chipping that day is on point! Suddenly you chip in for a birdie. The other team has already parred the hole. You just won the hole for your team!
  4. Builds team spirit.
    • Spending time on the golf course with others playing fun games gives you the opportunity to learn about the team member you play with.
    • Golf has been known to be a game where the character of a person is very transparent and it has helped me to put aside differences for the sake of the win!

5 fun golf course games you can play this weekend!A golf ball with a smiley face.

#1 – COD = Cart, Opposite, Dr

With COD you are partnered up with alternate persons for 3 holes at a time:

  • Holes 1-3 – The driver and passenger on each cart are partners.
  • Holes 4-6 – the driver of one cart is partners with the passenger of the other cart.
  • Holes 7-9 – The drivers are partners and the passengers are partners.
  • Holes 10-12 – You repeat Holes 1-3 format.
  • Holes 13-15 – You repeat Holes 4- 6 format.
  • Holes 16-18 – You repeat Holes 7-9 format.

The team with the lowest net wins, therefore, either the Cart partners win, Driver and Passenger win, or Drivers win. You can come up with fun tie-breaker if you want. Feel free to give us some fun tie-breaker ideas below in our comments section!

#2 – Jack and Jill

  • The men tee off and pick the best shot
  • The ladies tee off and pick the best shot
  • Option to play next shots using their own ball or best-ball until the ball is holed.

The team with the lowest net score wins. Don’t be cheap guys! Give those ladies their well-deserved handicap strokes.

#3 – Bingo, Bango, Bongo

This game is all about points and it is a great game even for those players that do not have a strong game. With this game, you only have to first at something.  Here is as simple as the game gets:

  • 1 point for the first player to get the ball on the green.
  • 1 point for the first player to get closest to the pin once all balls are on the green.
  • 1 point for the first player to hole out.

Your teams can be men against the ladies, couple vs couple, or draw for partners.

The team with the most points wins!

#4 – Alternate Shots/foursomes

If you watch the PGA tournaments, you have seen this format during the Ryder Cup, for example. This is format can be more difficult than it appears.  If you are a member of a golf course and do not have to cough up $60 a round then this is a great game but it is a fast game and I doubt that you would play this if you paid good money to play a full round.

The game is as simple as it sounds.

  • Before you begin the round you and a partner decide who will tee off on the odd-numbered holes
  • Decide who will tee off on the even-numbered holes.
  • After each of you tees off, you alternate shots until the ball is in the hole.

The team with the lowest net score wins!

#5 – Quota

Quota is a good game for any size group with “legitimate” Handicap Indexes. This is important because you are depending on a true handicap to award a prize or prizes to the winners.

Our ladies group plays this game often. It is important to have a few helpers at the end of the round if there are several groups playing so that you can add up the points quickly.

Here is how this game is played:

  • Get each player’s course handicap.
  • Subtract the handicap for each player from 36. This equals the point quota they must make during a round.
  • Although points can be adjusted anyway, typically points are awarded as follows:
    • 1 point for bogey
    • 2 points for par
    • 4 points for a birdie
    • 8 points for an eagle
  • The player with the most points above their quota is the winner.
  • If there are no players that finish above their quota, you can roll the pot into the next time you play, if you play with that group regularly. Otherwise, you can decide on a tiebreaker.

Hello Weekend!

It’s the weekend and you make plans again to play golf with your husband. As much as you love to Hello weekend that you just feel he is playing with you only because he wants you to really really love golf. Honestly, he probably would enjoy his time playing with the guys but he is torn and wants to spend time with you.

I had shared on another post that couples can have fun playing golf but there are certain things that need to happen to ensure that is the case. If you want to still get out and enjoy golf at the same time as your husband then find several other couples who enjoy golfing.

The last thing you want to do is play weekend after weekend only with your husband and end up wanting to bop him on the head the next time he asks you “Why did you aim that way?” after your shot goes right into the water on the left side. Wanting to respond with, “If I knew I was going left I would not have gone there!”

wife punching husband

Finding several couples to play golf with can be rewarding and good for your relationship.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a golf community as we do, finding other couples who enjoy golf is not difficult. The key is that you also enjoy their company off the course because you want to be able to socialize and share time as a group. We have a great group of friends that we enjoy golfing with and then we go over to each others’ homes and share dinner and potluck get-togethers.

There are local meet up golf groups that you can probably join if you do not live in a golf community. Some golf courses have couples leagues as well.

Don’t put pressure on yourself if you do not play well under pressure!

Some of us suddenly start slicing, hooking, or shanking just when we start “betting” with our buddies.

Next time you go out with friends and you have money riding on your game, make sure this doesn’t happen to you:



For more games, check our first ebook of many to follow:

Four Games You Can Play on Your Next Golf Round with Your Friends


Check out these sites with more golf game information:

Feel free to share your favorite golf course game below in our comments section. 


    • Yes, Delyana. I never played sports but at around age 50, I took up golf as my husband has played golf since he was a child. I thought it was boring game but found that not only did it provide a great outdoor, healthy activity to stay healthy, but also a great opportunity to spend time with him sharing a common sport and meeting great people along the way.

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