Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrids Worth Looking At

Cobra baffler hybrid set


It may have been by accident or maybe it was fate that I now have a Cobra Baffler Rail 4 hybrid in my bag. One thing is for sure, I wasn’t looking for yet another club. But glad I have this in my bag now.

A baffler Rail hybrid golf club.

I have been strictly a Titleist guy for the past 5 years but I do have to concede that my hybrid play has been inconsistent and I avoided, if at all possible. My Titleist H series 4 hybrid, while on occasion was a useful club, felt clunky and hard to control. Unless, I was swinging it at 90% or better, which you don’t need to do all the time. I wanted a club that would replace my 3 iron and fill the gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood.

My wife’s search for hybrids resulted in a great deal.

My wife wanted some new hybrids in her bag as she already has two Baffler rail fairway woods which she loves because they are super easy to hit and give her better than decent distance, so she decided to look for a couple of Cobra hybrids on eBay.

She wasn’t picky about whether they were brand new or not and she found tons of them available, used and brand new, ladies. men’s and senior shaft.

She found one company on eBay that does bids on brand new clubs and they had several choices of a package of 2 brand new hybrids with bids starting I think less than a dollar, so she tried to bid on a pair from that site.

She missed out on her first attempt at 2 ladies’ clubs, so she tried again and was successful at winning the bid on a 4 and a 5 Cobra senior shaft Baffler Rail hybrids. Brand new still wrapped in original plastic, for the unbelievable price of $29.00 for the pair plus $12.00 shipping, total cost delivered was just over $42.00. A set of two senior baffler hybrids.

It is great for finding clubs that work for you.

We have found plenty of clubs, for crazy prices like this many times that have turned out to be the perfect club for her or for myself. When we tell our golfing friends about this they seem to think over what we say and nod as though perhaps they think we are exaggerating. You know, like the story of the guy who catches a 4-inch fish and says he got a huge one. We just like to share when we find a good deal on a club that does the job.

These Cobra hybrids feel really nice when you first pick them up. They have a light overall feel but lots of weight low in the head. They feel rather firm when you first waggle them or take a practice swing without a ball. You can really feel the low center of gravity making them super easy to get up in the air fast if you want. The ball seems to jump off the clubface and almost feels as though the face squares itself up at impact.

My experience also is that there is less ball spin coming off the face and more than any other fairway wood or hybrid that I’ve hit recently.  The ball goes where you aim it without the slice or hook spin. I would recommend these hybrids to anyone looking for an easy to hit and easy on the budget utility fairway club that can really dig it out of that gnarly rough and get it down the fairway.

How has it helped my wife’s game?

My wife’s game has been improving but she was struggling with a 5 hybrid she had from her original Nancy Lopez golf set that she got on her 50th birthday. After having used the Cobra Baffler woods, both the 3  and 5 woods, she saw how well those were working for her. She can hit the 3 wood accurately and it goes a long distance.

So far she has used the Cobra Baffler 5 hybrid with Senior shaft that we purchased and she is hitting it very long distances and enjoys using it for her 115 to 120-yard distances. Whether the ladies’ hybrid would have worked even better is to be seen. I am using the 4 hybrid and at the price, we got these she said she might let me have the 5 hybrid and order the ladies set anyway.

She plays with groups of ladies every weekend and enjoys playing well and helping new golfers find clubs that work for them. She loves to recommend clubs to ladies just learning to golf that will help them get the ball up in the air without much effort and the Cobra Baffler sets seem to do the job.

Let us know if you have used any Cobra Bafflers.

If you have used Cobra Bafflers, share how you have liked them or perhaps you have not had the same experience. We love to hear about other clubs that help your game so that we can add them to our product reviews.

eBay has some good clubs for reasonable prices. Check them out to see other used Cobra clubs for ladies.




  1. It’s funny how golfers blame the clubs for all their errors! So many golfers have to have the newest and most expensive equipment. But what works well for one person, doesn’t always work well for another. It’s great if you can find a club that works well for you and doesn’t cost a fortune.

    • Thanks Sandra for your comment, I agree very strongly about people paying a fortune for their new clubs and then it takes them an entire year to figure out they probably invested their game and money in the wrong product for them and then turn around and spend another fortune on something newer and shinier with the same result. There is no doubt that with all the advances made in the technology, design and materials that the equipment is easier to use than ever before, but if the users swing has major flaws then it’s probably a better investment to take a few lessons first then purchase something new. If you don’t hit it reasonably well with your old clubs, new clubs will make little difference.

  2. Oh man, what a great post. I’m an avid camper but don’t mind hitting the golf course once in a while 🙂 especially when me and a few buddies get together and have a few beers, then we REALLY like going for a game (lol). Anyway, this club looks amazing and definitely something I want to use! I haven’t actually used one yet but I would love to in the future.

    Thanks for this eye-opening article buddy.


    • Yeah I was very surprised when I first hit it and found how easy it was to hit. It has become one of my main clubs in my bag. The longer I have used it the more I like it. Let me know how you like it when you get a chance to use one!

    • Absolutely love Cobra Bafflers woods. I find that they are very forgiving in that they help a newer golfer get the ball in the air with less effort. I plan to look into getting the irons and additional hybrids too!

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