Benefits of Playing Golf


Why do people play golf?

Years ago I used to drive past golf courses on my daily commute to work and see golfers out playing early in the morning. On my way back home again I would see golfers on the course and would wonder, “what a waste of time chasing that little white ball around.” Since I had never played golf I did not understand why anyone would bother spending hours swinging a club over and over.

I hear non-golfers say the same thing to me. They say things such as “I rather watch paint dry”, “I have better things to do with my time”, “Spending four hours outdoors is not my idea of fun”, “I think it’s boring”.

So what ARE the benefits of playing golf? I am glad you asked!


wildlifeGolfing provides the opportunity to spend time outdoors breathing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature. The serenity that surrounds you allows you to focus and relax the body and mind.  When I am out on the golf course after a stress filled work day my stress levels drop.

Being outdoors in the sun also allows for the absorption of Vitamin D which promotes bone growth for young people and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.serene golf scene







friends golfingThrough golf, we have met some incredible people that we enjoy spending time with. On the golf course, we have shared jokes, laughter, and stories while feeling a part of a community of people who share golf in common.

Many businessmen and women use golf as a means to interact with clients and colleagues. It is said that business deals are closed on the golf course. Golf provides a great opportunity for networking.




keeping eye on golf ball


Another benefit of golf is the visual aspect.  There you stand ready to hit your shot but first, you find your target so that you can determine where to aim the ball. Your eyes adjust visual targets at different distances throughout your round.

Hand-eye coordination improves as you focus on the ball while taking each shot.

While it is hard at times to follow your ball flight, again your visual skills are used to do so. Oops, did I just hit that house rooftop on the left of the fairway? Oh my, I should have worn my glasses.


I have been asked how can I play so much golf? My answer is simple. When I learned to play golf at age 49 it became a passion. I only wish I had learned to play golf way younger but I am glad to be playing now.

It is very healthy to have a passion outside of professional channels. Having a passion for something like golf makes you feel happy, relaxed and enjoy a well-balanced life.

happy golfer

It has been said that golf is a “game of all ages”, a game you can play the rest of your life.

While you will not attain Pro status you can be happy to become a capable golfer that can go out with a realistic mindset, understanding that you will never perfect your game but with patience, you will improve the more you play.

You also get to learn a new lingo. Fun words like “mulligan” (not a stew made from odds and ends of food); “bogey”; “birdie” (not a little bird); “eagle”(not a bird of prey); “shank”(not a person’s leg); “slice” (not a piece of food); “hook” (not what you catch a fish with); “friggin”; “darn it”; “I hate this game” and so forth.

Not only do I speak fluent Spanish, I now have a third language – “golfer language”!


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