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Golf is a common passion that we share as a couple. We will share our golf experiences and exchange ideas with our readers. Golf is a game for life and we plan to play it the rest of our lives, while we are able to.

In 2011 we moved to a beautiful 55+ golf community on the west coast of Florida called Timber Pines. Most people here are retired and many enjoy playing one of four golf courses. We are not retired yet we get out on the course as often as we can. Usually a minimum of twice per week.

We hope that you enjoy our posts and feel free to send us an email to let us know how we are doing. We would love to hear from you!


My husband, Larry, started golfing when he was 10 years old. Throughout the years he played other sports, such as, hockey, baseball, lacrosse and tennis.  I would have to say that golf is a true passion for him.

He works full time from home but when the clock strikes quitting time he is on the golf cart and ready to hit the golf course. Being we live in Florida that means pretty much year-round golfing.

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I never played sports other than bowling. My family had no interest in golf nor did we know any golfers.

I learned to play golf at age 49 while living in Canada for several years. My husband was a very patient man and he took his time teaching me and taking me out for many rounds of golf.  I never imagined that I would learn this game enough to take it seriously and enjoy it the way I do. In fact, I love the game so much that I would play golf every day if I could.

The poor man put up with my crying and pouting and stressing and I wanted to quit every time I went out. However, he would not let me quit, encouraging me to press on and keep trying. I am glad he did!

jekyll island golfing

My husband helped me gain confidence and improve enough to go out and play with other golfers without feeling totally lost or feeling that I was slowing the pace for others.


Golfing is a lifestyle for us and we are happy that our families support it and understand that.

Besides spending time with our families, golf has provided a way for us to enjoy quality time with each other while at the same time learning from each other.  Some couples find it hard to spend time together with all the busy things that take their time up. Golf gives you the opportunity to take you away from those “distractions”!

Since playing a round of golf takes about 3-4 hours, that is how many hours we get to spend together several times per week. If you are lucky enough to have a husband that is willing to spend time with you on the golf course, take him up on it. He might regret it if you start enjoying it more than him or playing better golf. Oh well!

Our social circle has also grown over the last few years. We have made some amazing friends within our golf community with which we share many rounds of golf, as well as social time.

If you share the same passion for the game feel free to share and comment on any of our posts.  Whether you have played all your life, just learned, or want to learn, we would love to hear from you.

See you on the 1st tee!

Larry and Carmen



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